Her Love For Adventure Paddles On

Natalie Warren (bow) and Ann Raiho were the first women to complete Eric Sevareid’s epic journey. Warren is now leading a paddle the length of the Mississippi River.

A sense of adventure led Natalie Warren and Ann Raiho to become the first women to complete Eric Sevareid’s and Walter Port’s epic, 2,000 mile canoe trip from Fort Snelling in St. Paul to Fort York on Canada’s Hudson Bay.

Warren will be paddling by Fort Snelling soon, this time on the way to New Orleans with 10 other, young adults who share her passion for outdoor adventure.

Warren and the crew were to launch their canoes Sept. 18 on Lake Itasca with intentions of paddling the length of the Mississippi River and reaching New Orleans in November. They will be meeting people along the way and producing a documentary about how people interact with natural resources. They are also maintaining an internet link to classrooms to introduce young people to our natural resources and the adventures waiting in the outdoors. Follow their journey at: http://paddle4ward.com/

Warren was inspired by her trip up the Minnesota River to Hudson Bay to create Wild River Academy to lead young people on Minnesota River canoe trips. Her first season was a real success. She reported recently that she led 11 trips, with 63 participants, including 41 making their first-time ever trip on the Minnesota River.

Hard to know just how many others are now inspired to make their own outdoor adventures as a result.