It’s Still Possible To Escape The Crowds And Enjoy The Best Close To Home

Possible to escape the crowds and still enjoy the best


The waters of Beaver Creek cut a path through Beaver Falls Park.

BEAVER FALLS — It’s still possible to escape the crowds without having to drive a very long distance.

Although they offer a quiet beauty that is the equal of many wilderness areas, Renville County’s string of parks along the Minnesota River and two of its tributaries remain free of the crowds and bustle so commonly found elsewhere.

Five of the parks offer rustic camping opportunities for those looking to get away. There are quiet, tree-covered locations to pitch a tent or park a camper.

Tatanka Bluff, Renville County and other partners are working to promote the recreational opportunities in the Minnesota River Valley area. Improvements are being made to the Renville County parks to accommodate more usage. The most recent example is the work completed with the help of a Conservation Corps Minnesota crew in Beaver Falls Park.

The county and crew workers have improved a camping and picnic area in the heart of the scenic park. The improvements will soon include a hand pump to provide potable water, a much-needed asset if the county parks are to see more use.

Andy Lang, who oversees the parks in the summer, said the parks see most of their visitors from within 30 miles of their gates. While it’s hard to measure day use, camping permits show that the parks could easily be called underutilized. There are the occasional campers from outside the region and even some from out-of-state, but not many. Only one camper with a Willmar address obtained a camping permit last season.

Fishing, hiking, horseback riding, or just enjoying a campfire, river bluff scenery or quiet are all just a short ride away.

To learn more about what is available, check out the county’s website: