New Wildlife Supervisor Covers A Lot Of Ground In Perspectives He Brings To Job

NEW LONDON — Cory Netland will be covering a lot of ground as the new area wildlife supervisor for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in the area.

Netland is succeeding LeRoy Dahlke in a position that manages wildlife operations in Brown, Chippewa, Kandiyohi, Meeker, Redwood, and Renville counties.

Cory Netland

It’s not just in a geographical sense that Netland covers a lot of ground. He also brings a valuable perspective to the DNR as someone who is an avid hunter, angler and trapper, yet is also someone who participates in and appreciates the quiet sports, whether it’s hiking, paddling or observing wildlife.

Dennis Anderson, outdoor columnist of the Minneapolis Tribune, recently penned a thought provoking column about the changes taking place as wildlife professionals retire in the DNR and federal agencies. Many of those now retiring came to their profession by having grown up as avid anglers and hunters. Many of those taking over have come to their profession through a love for the outdoors in different ways, whether because of a love for hiking or other, “non-consumptive’’ outdoor activities, Anderson pointed out.

Netland clearly understands the perspectives of both the hook and bullet crowd as well those who appreciate the outdoors in other ways.




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  1. Caryl Henry

    I realize this young man will do an exceptional job. With his love of the wildlife an the outdoors. An advocate back in the area where he trapped, fished and hunt it in. His interest was there as a young boy. I know this because I am his mother and proud of him.

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