Very Few Willing To Chase Turkeys In The Snow

A father and son braved Thursday’s snowstorm to take advantage of their season ‘A’

Wild turkey

wild turkey hunting permits, and were rewarded. The two big tom’s they registered at Pete’s Surplus, New London, were the first two birds brought in since the 2013 wild turkey season opened on Wednesday, said Corey Edman of Pete’s Surplus.

There are wild turkeys being harvested, but there is no doubt the wintery blast is keeping hunters from getting out. “Horrible,’’ said Lynn Koenen, D.J.’ s Sporting Goods, Montevideo, of the conditions first season turkey hunters have faced. The store had one bird registered on Wednesday, one more on Thursday, and when contacted Friday morning had not yet seen another.

Ditto at Mel’s in Spicer, where turkey hunters were as scarce as beachcombers on Green Lake.

There are turkeys gobbling, but there are also a lot of birds that remain flocked up, according to Koenen.

The snow pack and miserable conditions have to be affecting turkey behavior, and limiting the spring mating rituals that hunters key on, noted Jeff Miller, assistant wildlife manager with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in Sibley State Park.

Like everyone, he’s hoping for better ahead. He ventures out on Monday with his season ‘B’ permit.

And for those of us not fortunate to have been drawn for an early season permit, the over-the-counter dates in May look really good.